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Pin of the Week #1

on January 31, 2013

I love Pinterest.  I could (do) spend hours browsing and pinning.  I’ve actually done several of the projects or ideas that I have pinned.  It’s like the best of the both worlds.  I can sit on my duff and surf  then I get creative and do something with the surfing.   No guilt!  Yay! I thought it would be fun to share some of the pins I’ve tried and post them here.

Something I do to amuse myself after a pin has worked is give a big thumbs up and say, “Thanks, Pinterest,” like I am in one of those cheesy commercials like this one:

And, then I laugh at myself.  Sometimes, my friend, Amy, is there to laugh too.  We are usually the only ones laughing.  Everyone else is rolling their eyes.  My first pin of the week  is from Margo over at Attempting Joyful Homekeeping.  Margo found it on Pinterest too and tried to find the link to the original pin, but couldn’t.  I pinned Margo’s pin, so I am linking to her site (which is totally cool by the way).

Pinned Image

It is just one of those dishwashing thingies that holds soap.  It’s filled with white vinegar and dishwashing liquid.  You hang it in your shower and do a quick swipe with it before you get out of the shower.  I wipe down the whole shower, rinse the glass with a few handfuls of water and it now sparkles!  The glass is totally clean and the bottom that was once stained is as white as the day I moved in.  And,  honestly, I don’t even do it every day (I shower everyday, though, I promise).

Thanks, Pinterest

2 responses to “Pin of the Week #1

  1. mary m says:

    I need to do this in our shower. I was just noticing this morning that it was time to scrub it down again. Blah. I hate cleaning the shower 😦

  2. Melly says:

    Oh my goodness, me too!

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