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Pin of the Week #4 – Let Them Be Little



I teach the High Scope Curriculum to three, four and five-year olds.  Some of my students have disabilities and some of them are typically developing.  They are all amazing and they teach me so much more than I could ever teach them.   I cannot believe I get paid a pretty decent salary to do this job.  True, I wipe butts and break up fights over toys every single day. But I also get to play, sing, dance and just be silly.

I love this print.  It sums up exactly how I feel about my job.  I get so frustrated with our public school system, how they push down the curriculum, expecting so much of such little kids.  My teaching partner and I work very hard to help our students be self sufficient and develop their social and emotional skills.  But, we also keep in mind that they are little kids.  And that they will only be little for this moment.  We owe it to them to let them be little.  Let them play and explore and try new things.  Give them hugs when they are sad and let them know that you love them and are proud of them.  Encourage them.  Not empty praise, but encouragement.   Notice what they are doing and who they are. Just BE THERE.

This print come from a really cool Etsy store: Plum Street Prints.   I think I’ll buy it.   Thanks, Plum Street Prints!

And, of course,

Thanks, Pinterest


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The Loves of My Life (in order of appearance) – Butch


Butch is my oldest son. He’s 11 and in the fifth grade. He’s a beautiful blue eyed, freckle faced boy. The only thing more beautiful than his sweet blue eyes is his heart. He has the purest heart of any child or adult I know. I don’t know how he ended up that way, with Lance and me as his parents, but he is. He never lies. He always seems to know the right thing to do. He wouldn’t dream of judging someone because of their looks or their differences. He is also the most forgiving person I know (that comes from his father’s side, not mine). butchflower

He scolds us when we swear and he tells me to turn off music that he feels is inappropriate for his brother and him.

He loves his family and would rather hang out with us than anyone else. He is still affectionate and never goes to bed without giving us a hug and a kiss.

He is desperatley clinging to his childhood. He claims he believes in Santa and he opted himself out of The Sex Film at school (he didn’t even bring me the permission slip because he said he just was not interested).

Sometimes looking at this kid is like riding in a time machine back to visit 11 year old Melly.


He is an animal lover like me. When Scout got into a huge bag of garbage and spread trash all over the house, he cried. He was so worried that Lance was going to want to take her to the shelter, where we got her. He said, “I just don’t want her to get thrown away again.”

He’s a writer. He has countless composition books filled with various subjects. Dinosaurs and dragons, insects and plants, plane designs and sketches of places he wants to visit.

He doesn’t want to go to college out of town because he doesn’t think he’ll be ready to leave his toy dinosaurs. He feels guilty when he doesn’t play with them.

We were worried about Butch for awhile. Early elementary was very difficult for him. He hated Kindergarten. He struggled socially until last year (his second go ’round in the fourth grade). He was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability in math. He is now in fifth grade. He has found his group of friends (sweet, nerdy boys) and his teacher describes him as a leader. There is no evidence of the ADHD. Don’t know what happened to it, but his teacher, when reading his IEP, thought she had the wrong kid’s file. Although math is his weakest subject (like his mom) he is still pulling A’s in math and the rest of his subjects.

There aren’t enough words to describe how proud I am of this kid. He is going to be a good man, he already makes the world a better place. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in his life. It is my hope that he keeps that sweet spirit, even when the world tries to take it away.  I hope that he is always true to himself and what he believes in.

I love you, Boo.

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Pin of the Week #3 Kandinsky Inspired Painting

This is the first pin I ever tried.  It’s from Kacey at The Stay at Home Artist.

kandisky pin

It is a tutorial to make your own.  I love Kandinsky’s work and I thought I could do it.  I have orange walls in my living room and I really wanted something that I could hang there.  I even used some of the orange paint that I used to do the walls.  The tutorial calls for acrylic paint, so even when I messed up, I just waited until it dried and painted over it.

This is the first time I’ve looked at Kacey’s and mine next to each other.  I could have done more circles.  Yeah, now I want to do more circles.  Anyways, here is mine:


The colors are brighter in person, I just don’t have a fancy smancy camera yet.  I used a square canvas, instead of a rectangle.  Anyways, I really like it!   Thanks, Kacey!

And, Thanks, Pinterest


The Loves of My Life (in order of appearance): Lance


Lance and me after the Tough Mudder in October of 2012. My favorite place in the world is snuggled on the couch with him.


We were 19 when we meet in a club called Congress Street Station in downtown Savannah, Georgia. I was a sophomore in college, living far away from home in a town where I stuck out like a sore thumb. He was a lonely Army private from Texas. He had asked two girls to dance and they said no. He told his friend that he was asking the next pretty girl who walked through the door to dance. If she said no, he was going back to the barracks.

I was that girl. I said yes. 14 months later, we were married. That was 19 years ago.  The love between us and the life we have built together  is nothing short of wonderful.

Where do I start? How can I tell you about this man?

This man, who lives for his family. Who literally collapses in bed at night after working all day and then coming home and being there – and I mean, totally and completely *present*- in his family’s life. This tender, kind man who is raising two sons, one with special needs, to be good men (just like him). This lovely man who has been married to the same woman for 19 years – and not once, not for one moment in that 19 years have I ever doubted that I am loved and admired and *wanted.* This solid, strong, true blue man who stood by me in my darkest days and was my rock when I needed something to hold on to. This funny, charming man who was also there when the sun warmed my skin again and then smiled and then reminded me that he told me it was going to be ok.

How can I tell you how much I love this man? How can I tell you how thankful I am to be the one he married? The one he comes home to every night.  One day, I’ll have you over for a cup of coffee and I’ll tell you all about it.

I love you, Lance.

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Run For Sherry

This Saturday, I will be running for a fellow runner, Sherry, who was taken from this world tragically and far too soon.  Please join me in the 2nd Annual Run for Sherry.  And, be safe.  You are important to someone.


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Pin of the Week #2

I am working hard this year to get this house organized.  Right now, I am in the purging stage.  To date, we have thrown away nine of those huge contractor bags of garbage and donated two FJ Cruisers full of stuff to Goodwill.  We aren’t even close to being done.  But, the boys and I can now walk to my car in the garage without threat of injury.  That’s nice.

Even though we are still deep in the purging stage, every now and then, I come across a storage solution that is so simple and easy, so PERFECT, that I try it right away.  When I saw this pin, I was thrilled.

hat 1


We have a lot of hats.  I was just about ready to drop $20 on a hat organizer that went over the door.  But, this idea is so much better!  It is a hanger with those cheap shower curtain rings you can get at Walmart.  Now all of our hats are in one place (the front closet).  No more looking for my running hat, no more looking for my hair hide hat and no more stacks of hats in my closet, on the dressers or anywhere else.  Yay! Thanks, Sasha at House Dressing Style for such a great idea!

And, of course, Thanks, Pinterest


Dreaming is Free


My school district believes very much in college readiness, in getting students to set goals for themselves and work toward those goals.  To, “Begin With the End in Mind.”   Every year, schools all over the district have a Dream Board Night.  Families come and create dream boards.  Everyone puts down on paper their goals and their dreams.  Even the teachers.  This year, all the teachers at my school have been taking turns sharing boards at every Monday  staff meeting.  Today, I shared mine.  I have it hanging in my office so I can look at it and remember why I am doing the things that I do.  So that when the going gets tough, I am reminded that all the hard work will pay off one day.   As a visual person, it is very powerful.

I have career goals (to publish a children’s book, work at the Smithsonian and become High/Scope certified), travel goals (Yosemite and Yellowstone with my family),  leisure goals (running and app writing) to name a few.

What are your goals and dreams?  What do you want to work for?  What are you waiting for!?!

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It’s not you, Cheese, it’s me.

I lost two pounds this week! It was hard, but I gave up dairy. I had to do it. I didn’t want to, but I was just not dropping the weight. I was running and running and just was not losing the poochie stomach. It bounces as I run, mocking me with every footfall.

Not to mention, I think I have become lactose intolerant. This week, my stomach has felt much better and I have been more comfortable in my clothes.

It has been a big first step in eating right.  I am a very picky eater.  I don’t often try new things and it is very hard to give up something I like.  And, I really like cheese. Like, really.

But, I also like not feeling bloated and not jiggling.  So, goodbye, Cheese.  It’s not you, it’s me.  Ok, maybe it is you.