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The Loves of My Life (in order of appearance) – Butch

on February 18, 2013


Butch is my oldest son. He’s 11 and in the fifth grade. He’s a beautiful blue eyed, freckle faced boy. The only thing more beautiful than his sweet blue eyes is his heart. He has the purest heart of any child or adult I know. I don’t know how he ended up that way, with Lance and me as his parents, but he is. He never lies. He always seems to know the right thing to do. He wouldn’t dream of judging someone because of their looks or their differences. He is also the most forgiving person I know (that comes from his father’s side, not mine). butchflower

He scolds us when we swear and he tells me to turn off music that he feels is inappropriate for his brother and him.

He loves his family and would rather hang out with us than anyone else. He is still affectionate and never goes to bed without giving us a hug and a kiss.

He is desperatley clinging to his childhood. He claims he believes in Santa and he opted himself out of The Sex Film at school (he didn’t even bring me the permission slip because he said he just was not interested).

Sometimes looking at this kid is like riding in a time machine back to visit 11 year old Melly.


He is an animal lover like me. When Scout got into a huge bag of garbage and spread trash all over the house, he cried. He was so worried that Lance was going to want to take her to the shelter, where we got her. He said, “I just don’t want her to get thrown away again.”

He’s a writer. He has countless composition books filled with various subjects. Dinosaurs and dragons, insects and plants, plane designs and sketches of places he wants to visit.

He doesn’t want to go to college out of town because he doesn’t think he’ll be ready to leave his toy dinosaurs. He feels guilty when he doesn’t play with them.

We were worried about Butch for awhile. Early elementary was very difficult for him. He hated Kindergarten. He struggled socially until last year (his second go ’round in the fourth grade). He was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability in math. He is now in fifth grade. He has found his group of friends (sweet, nerdy boys) and his teacher describes him as a leader. There is no evidence of the ADHD. Don’t know what happened to it, but his teacher, when reading his IEP, thought she had the wrong kid’s file. Although math is his weakest subject (like his mom) he is still pulling A’s in math and the rest of his subjects.

There aren’t enough words to describe how proud I am of this kid. He is going to be a good man, he already makes the world a better place. I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in his life. It is my hope that he keeps that sweet spirit, even when the world tries to take it away.  I hope that he is always true to himself and what he believes in.

I love you, Boo.

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