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Pin of the Week #4 – Let Them Be Little

on February 23, 2013



I teach the High Scope Curriculum to three, four and five-year olds.  Some of my students have disabilities and some of them are typically developing.  They are all amazing and they teach me so much more than I could ever teach them.   I cannot believe I get paid a pretty decent salary to do this job.  True, I wipe butts and break up fights over toys every single day. But I also get to play, sing, dance and just be silly.

I love this print.  It sums up exactly how I feel about my job.  I get so frustrated with our public school system, how they push down the curriculum, expecting so much of such little kids.  My teaching partner and I work very hard to help our students be self sufficient and develop their social and emotional skills.  But, we also keep in mind that they are little kids.  And that they will only be little for this moment.  We owe it to them to let them be little.  Let them play and explore and try new things.  Give them hugs when they are sad and let them know that you love them and are proud of them.  Encourage them.  Not empty praise, but encouragement.   Notice what they are doing and who they are. Just BE THERE.

This print come from a really cool Etsy store: Plum Street Prints.   I think I’ll buy it.   Thanks, Plum Street Prints!

And, of course,

Thanks, Pinterest


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