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What to Pack for Mud Run

on March 16, 2013


Tomorrow my friend, Amy,  and I will be running The Jailbreak Obstacle Course.

I have a designated backpack that I use for runs and other outside events. I just picked it up at Wal-Mart a few years ago to take on field trips. It’s nothing expensive or fancy.  This will be my fourth event of this kind – you can see the mud on it if you look closely enough.  I don’t bother cleaning it up. I like the old mud, it makes me feel tough.  Like, I can show up at the event and be like, “Oh yeah, this here ain’t my first rodeo.  You can tell from the mud here on my pack.  Stick with me and you’ll be ok.”  That’s what I’m thinking anyways.

Here is what I’ll have in my backpack:

Trash bags.  You’ll need trash bags to put all your dirty clothes in or if you don’t plan on changing at the event, you’ll need them o sit on in the car.  I usually change in the car.  They have showers, but the lines are long and I never feel like standing around waiting.  Tomorrow’s is pretty close to my house, so I might just sit on the trash bags and strip in the garage when I get home.  Or not.  There might be a good band, so we might decide to hang around.  I take more bags than I think I am going to need.  I usually share.

A Change of Clothes.   If you stay or  drive home right after the run,   I suggest you take a change of clothes.  I always pack a sweatshirt, just in case I get cold.  Of course, I won’t need one this summer, but it’s still early in the year and it could be cold.  I hate being cold.

Extra Shoes.  You will not be able to use the shoes you wore in the mud.  Trust me.  There is usually a place to donate your shoes if you choose or you can just stick them in a trash bag and wash them when you get home.  I have donated them in the past, but the ones I will be wearing tomorrow are my last pair of extra running shoes, so I will be cleaning them up for the next mud run.

Hairbands and a Comb.   If I can run a comb through my hair tomorrow, I might.  Or not.  I just like to have options.

Toliet Paper and Hand Sanitizer.   I always have to take care of business in the Port A Potty before a run.  Always.   The last mud run I took part in had NO toliet paper in the Porty A Potties.  Not a square to be found.  And I could not just drip dry if you know what I mean.  I needed to wipe. I had to use the tissue paper my event shirt came wrapped in.  And, hand sanitizer is always a good idea.

Wash Cloth and/or Towel.  Although I don’t plan on showering at the event, I am going to take them anyways, just in case. If the event was far away, I would have a big bottle or two of water in the car to clean up.  But, like I said, I am very close to my house, so I most likely won’t need any of that.  If you want to shower at the event, I would suggest taking towels and a  wash cloth.

Lip Balm and Hand Lotion.  That mud can dry you out.  It’s good to moisturize after.

Identification and Money.  You need your ID to  sign in and get your number.  You also need it to get your beer at the finish line.  Very important.    You’ll need money if you want to  buy beer and more food or any merchandise.   I am not comfortable leaving my whole wallet in my bag at the bag check, so I will  put a twenty in my change purse along with my ID.  Or, just ask Lance for money if I want to buy something since he isn’t running tomorrow.

Other Things to Think About. 

Camera.  Some people like to take cameras.  Lance and I tried to take a water proof disposable camera on the Tough Mudder course, but it didn’t make it.  If Lance wasn’t going to be there to take pics, I might consider it.  Also, if you put your number on the front, the professional photographers will get pics of you that you can find and purchase at the event website.

Water and Snacks. Some events will let you take outside food and drinks in, some won’t.  I like to throw an energy bar in the bag and just eat it at the gates if they won’t let me take it in.

Glasses/Contacts.  I’ll take my glasses to keep in my bag in case I lose a contact in the mud.  Then, I can see after the race.  I hope that doesn’t happen, though, I don’t want to run blind.

Don’t forget to take your sense of humor and sense of community.

Have fun!

One response to “What to Pack for Mud Run

  1. So excited! I already amassed most of these things for tomorrow, myself. Great minds think alike!

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