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Pin of the Week – Painted Rock Garden Markers

on March 22, 2013

I am trying out a garden this year.  I usually have herbs, but this year I am trying some veggies and strawberries too.  Because of our tough and rocky Texas soil and the fact that the dogs spend a lot of time running through my yard, I decided to plant them in whisky barrels.  I love the way they look, but wanted to add some color to them too.  Of course, I found my inspiration on Pinterest. I looked for garden markers.

This is the first pin I saw, from Sara over at Mom Endeavors.  Love the color. Cute!


I also loved these, from Jennifer at August Wren.   So simple and pretty.


I liked the color in Sara’s, but I didn’t really want to draw the pictures.  I kind of combined the two ideas.  Here’s what I came up with.

garden markers

I love how they look in my barrels!





(Butch used to call strawberries, “straw babies.”)

They were fun and easy.  And, the rocks I had left over from the bag of egg rocks I bought at Lowe’s, I took to school and used in a small group.  My students colored rocks and made up stories about them.

Thanks, Sara and Jennifer!

And, Thanks, Pinterest

2 responses to “Pin of the Week – Painted Rock Garden Markers

  1. Jennifer says:

    They look wonderful, Glad you were inspired!

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