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Forty and Three Days

on April 28, 2013

Ok, so I’m forty now. Between school, my actual birthday and the Saturday following my birthday there was a lot of celebrating. And cleaning for the party. Ok, my mom did most of the cleaning, but I did a lot of heavy lifting. Ok, Lance did most of the heavy lifting. I must have done lots of something because by the time it was time for my actual party, I was exhausted.

Anyways, forty. Yeah. Weird. It doesn’t feel all that different.  Except after this weekend, I have been walking around thinking about how great my life is.  This weekend was EPIC, people.  EPIC.

It all started on Thursday at school.  Cookies and “The Happy Birthday Song,” sung to me by my little students.  Then, some of them spent some of their free time drawing me pictures.  This one is my favorite.  It’s Thor. See his Hammer of Thor, there, with the lightning bolts?  Totally cool. My students and I share a love for the Avengers.


Then, that night, my guys, my mom and I all went out to eat.  And, I had a couple of these.


This is my favorite beer of all time.  I don’t indulge in them often because they are very heavy and very strong.  But, oh, so so good.

Friday, the actual day I turned forty, was spent mostly with my mom as we ran errands for the party.  I love that my mom lives here now and I get to see her everyday and that now she is really involved in our events.

Saturday, two of my girlfriends and Lance did The Muddy Mayhem 8K with me. Well, Lance and his friends didn’t actually run it with us.  You know, testosterone and all that.  I knew he was going to run ahead and that was fine with me.  They only thing I wanted from him was muddy kisses.  I got them.


This is me, in a Dumpster. It was empty.  There was supposed to be water in it.  I felt cheated, but kind of relieved at the same time.


This is me with my two muddy friends, Amy and Rachel.  So glad they joined me! Runner friends are the coolest friends of all.


Lance and me.  Oh, how I love muddy kisses.

Then, we got home, got cleaned up and finished getting ready for the party.  It was a great party.  Almost everyone we invited came.  The house was full of people and their kids.  There was lots of eating and drinking, laughing and Nerf gun shooting.  I am still in awe of how many people wanted to come and help me turn 40.  I am truly rich in cool, kick ass friends.

Of course, I didn’t take any pictures during the actual party.  But, I think this one sums it all up.


So, here we are.  It’s Monday and I’m 40 and three days.  I’m thinking of what’s next.  Thinking of ways I want to challenge myself and take care of my family.  It’s a good life and I’m one lucky chick.

One response to “Forty and Three Days

  1. mary m says:

    Perfect birthday weekend 🙂

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