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At the Pool

on May 19, 2013

Summer is almost here and it’s hot.  It’s only going to get hotter.  So, I have to take Butch and Sundance to the pool.  As much as I would like to sit inside and read all day, I can’t do that.

Last night, I mentioned to Sundance that I would take him to the pool.  It was the margarita talking, but the damage was done. He woke me up at 7:00 this morning telling me to get up.  It was time for the pool.  I managed to put him off until 10:30, but then I really had no choice.

I have a rather bad attitude at the pool.  There are a lot of people I don’t know and, to be honest, my family makes a spectacle of themselves in the water.  Butch has got to be the loudest child ever.  Sundance sometimes stims and does things that people don’t understand.  Waiting in line at the slide is hard (although most of the life guards are very cool about that), he likes to play with babyish toys that belong to the younger children there and when he gets hungry, he gets cranky.  I won’t even talk about how hard it is at the beginning of the season to get that boy out of the pool when it is time to go.  He has to relearn all the rules all over again and it just puts me in bad mood.

I just know people are judging us.  So, I have a bad attitude.  I do a lot of preemptive judging.

I look like this:


I’m saying, “I don’t approve of you,” with this face.

Sometimes, I am more direct:


Do you see me looking right at you? I am openly disapproving of you and your ways. Your pool ways.

But, then today, I decided that I was being ridiculous.  I can’t spend another summer with that attitude and they don’t allow vodka at the pool.  It was time to change things.

First, I remembered that I have a new pool bag that is awesome in every way.


Thanks, IKEA.

Then, I looked over at my beautiful boy, Butch, entertaining the little kids.  I told their mom to make sure to tell him if he was bothering them.  She smiled and said that he was a really wonderful young man.


He is pretty cool, isn’t he?

Then, Sundance came over and talked to me for a while.  He is so happy at the pool.  He’s always been a water boy.


Happy Sundance.

I decided that I am going to be more friendly and outgoing at the pool – like I am in every other situation in my life.

I practiced my new pool looks:


HI! Welcome to the pool!


Wooohooo! You’re here! You’re at the pool! So am I!


Hey, you, looking good, here at the pool.


No really, looking gooooood!


Here, we are at the pool. Everything is OK.

I figure that either I’ll make a bunch of new friends or everyone will think I am nuts.  If it’s the latter, no worries, I’ll just figure out a way to smuggle in the vodka.

5 responses to “At the Pool

  1. You Wish You Were Me says:

    You are a crazy Bish.

  2. Here is my following directions post. Cheers, baby!

  3. High Mountain Shrub says:

    You’re killing me here, PM. Good stuff 🙂

  4. Melly says:

    Thanks for the comments, girls!
    Bish, I do wish I were you. Totally
    Holly, thank you! Extra smooooch for you.
    Shrub, thanks! I’m here all week.

  5. mary m says:

    Perfecto! You will have an AWESOME pool summer, I just know it 🙂

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