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I’m Not an Animal Hoarder – I Googled it so I know it’s true.

on June 19, 2013

I was on the way back from Starbuck’s with the boys last week when I saw him.   I tried to drive by.  I tried to ignore him and tell my self that someone else would save him.  But he was so close to the road.  And it was so hot.  And he was just laying there.

So, I turned the car around.  He didn’t bark at me or growl.  He just wagged his tail and looked so sad.  I lured him into the car with my muffin.  And, I took him home.


Poor Stray Pup

I wasn’t going to keep him.   I called the animal shelter.  They said they were only taking puppies younger than four months and with no skin issues (this guy clearly had some sort of skin issue, on top of all the fleas and other bugs buzzing around him).  I’m glad I didn’t take him there, because later I would find out that our shelter destroys dogs after 72 hours.  That just was not an option.   I called a rescue.  They said they might be able to take him over the weekend.  I figured I would get him cleaned up and just find him a home myself.  That way, the rescue could focus on the dogs they have.

So, two baths, a trip to the vet and $172 later, he is ours.  We named him Bucky (Captain America’s best friend). His mange is healing up quickly.   And he’s a lovely, sweet, tough little dog.  We think he’s about a year old and some sort of terrier/spaniel mix.


Bucky meets his daddy.

I have always wanted Sundance to bond with a pet and I think Bucky may be the one.  That would be cool.


Bucky and Sundance winding down for the day.

I don’t know the circumstances of how Bucky ended up on the side of the road.  I like to believe it was some sort of accident, that he wasn’t thrown away.  I’m just going to believe  that someone lost him and was sad (I did look for his picture on every lost dog site I could think of and didn’t see him) because he is a living being.  He is capable of feeling pain and of loving.  He isn’t just something to be discarded.  No animal is.  And, I kind of want to punch people who do that kind of thing in the throat.  But, whatever, if that is what happened it’s their loss, our gain.

For anyone keeping track: that’s four dogs.   That’s probably two dogs over what is reasonable, but one of our favorite sayings around here is, “Go big or go home.”  What’s one more smallish dog when you have three already?  And, we are not animal hoarders.  Animal hoarders have so many pets they can’t house them or care for them properly.  They all fit in our house and yard.  Yes, I vacuum up dog hair and pick up dog poop out of the yard everyday, but the work is worth it.  They make us smile.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no one loves you like your dog.

3 responses to “I’m Not an Animal Hoarder – I Googled it so I know it’s true.

  1. Bucky is a real looker. Have you read A Dog’s Life? Your boys might really enjoy it.

  2. Traci says:

    I also have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I pick up every stray animal I see and find its home or a new one. I’m also not an animal hoarder. 🙂 Well done!!!!

  3. colleenpence says:

    Bucky is so cute! He’s lucky you stopped for him. 😉

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