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On the Treadmill

on June 28, 2013

It’s hot now here in South Texas. Very very hot. This is the time of year that my running hits a wall. A wall of heat and humidity. And pain and sadness. And drama. And over reacting.

Last year, I just stopped running and hated myself for it. This year, that is not going to happen. One, I am about $700 into my trip to Disneyland for the half marathon that I am running with some friends and I’ll be damned if I’ll stink that run up. Two, it makes me happy. Three, my butt looks awesome.

But, I don’t want to die. Or pass out. Or barf. Getting up at 5:00 in the morning isn’t really an option because Summer Vacation. By the evening, I’m tired and ready to nap.

It’s time to move it in to the treadmill. Which makes me unhappy because the treadmill is boring.  And, whenever I run on it, I’m pretty sure a little bit of my soul dies.

Yesterday was my first treadmill run in a very long time. I ran five miles and then walked another. At first, it  sucked and I found myself trying to come up with a list of the positives about treadmill running.

1.  This is my view from my treadmill.  It’s our beer fridge and a big tv.  I am working my way through Parks and Rec, so running wasn’t as boring as it could have been.  I love that show.  And, I can pretend I’m running towards beer.


My favorite room.

2.  There is Newcastle in the fridge.  I can pretend to run towards Newcastle.


Close Up

3.   I don’t have to leave Earnest, who cannot run more than a mile without having to be carried home.


I’ll figure out what to do about the toxic farts he likes to let while I am running.

4.  I also get to spend time with Sundance, who thinks it is hilarious to try to turn up the speed to 10 miles per hour while I’m running.  Yeah, that’s fun.


“Run faster, Mom!”

At mile three, he also decided that he wanted to use the treadmill.  When I said no, he staged a sit in.  I couldn’t get a picture of it, but every now and then he would reach over and try to grab my ankle.


I miss running alone.

5.  And, last but not least, the most important positive about running on the treadmill:  I didn’t die.


See? Not dead.

So, those are the positives that will keep me treadmill running for the duration of the summer.  Disneyland, here I come!



2 responses to “On the Treadmill

  1. Earnest has some mad knobby elbows. And not enough can be made over not dying. Good for you!

  2. Melly says:

    Earnest is all legs. And farts.

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