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Melly’s Day Out: Wimberly Market Days

on July 12, 2013

I’m not really all that big into the mall or shopping center stores.  Oh, sure, I like me some Target as much as the next mom, but shopping isn’t really my thing.

Shopping might be my thing if  all shopping was like Wimberly Market Days.  March through December, the adorable town of Wimberly, Texas (62 miles from San Antonio and 38 miles from Austin) and the Lions Club (I love the Lions Club and these Wimberly gentlemen are adorable) host the oldest and second largest outdoor market in Texas.

There are over 400 booths with crafted items, vintage clothing and collectibles, salvaged materials, furniture, plants, food and other really cool stuff.  There is always something interesting to see.  On many occasions, I have seen toys and various items I remember from my childhood.  If you like used books, you’ll find lots of those to browse through.

There are several places to eat, including my favorite, Hill Top Ice House.  It’s right next to Hamburger Hill.  A grilled hamburger and an ice-cold draft of Ziegenbock for lunch during a hot summer day shopping with girlfriends?  Yes, please.

It is my happy place.  I look forward to it all month.  I love going with friends.  Last weekend, I made the drive with  Flo, Tuck and G. Flo and Tuck had never been.  G. has been going for years and I’ve learned some valuable bargaining techniques from her.


Flo, Tuck, Me and G. last weekend in Wimberly.

I always go with a few things I want to look for.  This week, I was looking for an interesting fruit bowl and some cereal bowls.  I didn’t find any bowls  that caught my eye.

I found some good stuff, though.


Vintage glass grapes for $5. I don’t know why I love these so much. My Aunt Jo Ann had green ones like this.


W’s for my W collection. $2 a piece.


Olympia Beer tap handle for $12. We don’t have a kegerator, but if we ever get one, I’ve got a handle for it. Shout out to my dad in Heaven!


Tuck got this awesome picture for her husband’s office. Look how happy she is! Flo gave me a Texas history lesson on the meaning of that flag, very interesting.

Flo got a strange little realistic stuffed kitten to give to her husband as a gag gift.  I’m bummed I didn’t get a picture of it because anyone will spend $10 (she got the kitty a little bed too) is awesome.

G. got a cool ceramic lizard for her daughter and a toy bow and arrow set for her son.  G. is a sweet mom.

So, if you’re ever in the Texas Hill Country on the first Saturday of the month, you should plan on spending the day in Wimberly.   Admission is free, parking is $5.  You can read more about Market Days here.

Tell them Melly sent you.  Just kidding, don’t do that unless you want them to look at you like you’re weird.

2 responses to “Melly’s Day Out: Wimberly Market Days

  1. Barbara says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! My daughter lives in Austin and I just sent her the info. She would love it!

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