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Pets, Ahoy! Sea World’s New Show is a Must See

on July 22, 2013

I love Sea World.  And, thanks to their EZ Pay option, we don’t have to drop $500 at once  to have a season pass.  For $25 per person down and $10 a month, we can enjoy Sea World and Aquatica anytime we want.   It is just a great way to spend an afternoon.  The park is clean and the employees are wonderful.  With a season pass, it’s the same price to eat there than it is for any other restaurant in town.

My favorite thing at Sea World by far is the new show, Pets Ahoy.  It’s in the Sea Star Theater, where Pirates 4D used to be.

This show has mice, ducks, birds, geese, cats, dogs, pigs and even a skunk!  All being cute and all dong some amazing things like climbing tight ropes, opening and closing doors and dancing.

Of course, being Sea World, I just knew that the animals they used were rescues.  They have rescued over 50 cats for this show.  50!  Three of the dogs  were rescued in San Antonio. Dogs that no one wanted are now making people smile and laugh.  And being loved and valued.


This is Mayhem, one of the dogs at Sea World San Antonio,  adopted in San Diego, Ca and such a talented actor!


If you go to Sea World this summer, don’t miss Pets Ahoy.  If you don’t laugh and leave with a smile on your face, you have no soul.  Just kidding.  Seriously, though, go see it, it’s adorable.

Oh, and if you are traveling with your pet and visit Sea World, don’t live him in the car!  Take him to Kennel Services. 

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