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My Running Bucket List

on July 28, 2013

  One of my friends recently went on a run on the Golden Gate Bridge.  How cool?  It made me think about all the places I would like to run.  So, here is my Running Bucket List.  Places I’d like to just lace them up and go.  Of course, Disneyland is number one on my list because that is where I am going next.

1. Disneyland – Done, September, 2013
2. Disney World
3. The National Mall

4. Central Park
5. The Golden Gate Bridge
6. Ireland

7. The beach
8. A Hawaiian Beach
9. My hometown

10. Yosemite
11. Alaska
12. Greece
13. Sweden
14. Italy
15. In the snow

16. The desert
17. Griffith Park

18. A zoo

19.  The San Antonio River Walk

20.  A cave

21.  A National Park

Any other ideas? Where would be a really cool place to run?

One response to “My Running Bucket List

  1. Andrea Cabello says:

    Love it!! Golden gate was pretty fun, just a little windy!!! Weather was great though. We should do beach to bay!!

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