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Bucky Update and Don’t You Want a Bucky for Yourself?

on August 8, 2013

Little Bucky and his teddy bear.

It’s been about two months since we found Bucky on the side of the road.  We dropped some cash into getting him all cleaned up and healthy and then decided we wanted to keep him.

He’s doing great.  He has fit right in with the rest of the dogs and, besides our house training issues, he is a pretty easy dog.  I’ve never known such a low key pup.  He plays really hard with the bigger dogs and then will find a lap and sleep for as long as that lap sits still.  Then, he’ll go find another lap.

The only time he ever acts pushy or over excited is when there is food involved.  I imagine that is a stray thing and he’ll eventually realize that there is always another bowl of kibble.

His mange is all healed up and his hair looks great.  His poor little swollen paws look normal now – the pads are all healed too.


Before and After

He loves the boys.  He sleeps with Butch every night and tries to cuddle with Sundance.

He’s a great dog and I’m glad we decided to keep him.  I loves him, I do.

I have four dogs, all rescues.  It does my heart good to know that my family took four living beings who had been thrown away and gave them all a home where they could be loved.   Because these animals are living beings, with feelings.  They know how to love. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a crap day and my dog was there, loving me.  All the good that is in me is reflected in their eyes.  They see only the good in you.  They love you even though you mess up on a daily basis.

Which brings me to this:  San Antonio is a kill city.

The Animal Care Center destroys dogs after a mere 72 hours.  72 Hours!

There are a lot of rescue organizations in the city.  Many of them are breed specific.  When you adopt from one of these places, you are actually saving two dogs’ lives: the dog that you adopted and the dog who the rescue can put in your dog’s place.

I have learned of a Facebook page that is advocating for the dogs at the Brooks Facility here in San Antonio.  Please go to to see all the dogs that are looking for a hero.  These are the dogs that are going to be destroyed if no one can take them.  It’s heartbreaking.  If you have room for a dog (or two) in your life, this is where you should go!  You will literally be snatching them from the brink of death.   These are living beings, with the capacity to love and to enrich your life.

Go.  Go to Brooks and get a dog!  Everyone should have a dog!

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