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Believing I Had Supernatural Powers, I Slammed Into A Brickwall

on October 15, 2013

Hmmm, well, here I am halfway through the month of October and only a few posts behind on the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  And, it seems I have hit a wall.  For two days, I’ve sat here in front of the computer and can’t think of anything to write!


What?  That’s all I’ve got?  No! I refuse to believe that!

Focus!  I need to focus!




Ugh.  See?  Nothing. Nada.

I’m just going to write the first thing that comes to mind.

Ok, here goes:

I like Fridays. 

Not bad.  True, but kind of boring.

I’ll try again.

I love Fridays and all they represent. 

Um, no.

There’s something about Fridays, full of anticipation. 


Something about Friday night…

Friday nights…

Ugh. WHAT about Friday night!  What?

Maybe I should write about Tuesday night.

Melly: 0

Brick Wall: 1

4 responses to “Believing I Had Supernatural Powers, I Slammed Into A Brickwall

  1. Shrub says:

    I say a post about life-long friendship is in order. You’re welcome.

  2. Yeah, sorry – writing about Friday on Tuesday is pretty lame! Ya gotta wait till at LEAST Wednesday (aka, HUMP day) to talk about Friday… Which of course, gives you something to talk about tomorrow!

    Wonder Woman (who’s hit a FEW brick walls in her time!)

  3. Sarah says:

    Lol! I appreciate what you wrote! Totally understand, and hope you can beat the brick wall soon. Can you write a list about something? That’s what I’ve done before.

  4. Benita Tyler says:

    Maybe a book review. What books have you read lately or would like to read if you had the time?

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