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Fun With My Silhouette Cameo

I am having so much fun with my die cut machine!  It is making my plan to organize my house and rule the world so much more fun!

I started with the kitchen.


First, I made this dog food container for the pantry.  It’s big enough to fit all the bowls inside.  I measure out the food the night before and keep it fresh inside.  Then, in the morning, all we have to do is put out the bowls.  Saves some time.

Then, I made a spice drawer from these cute little jars from IKEA.

Then, I put together a spice drawer from these adorable jars from IKEA.  I don’t cook much, but sometimes, I just open the drawer and gaze at the jars.


I made these labels for the pantry for  these jars, also from IKEA.


Then, I made these tags for some baskets I put in the pantry.  I laminated them so I can change what is in the baskets if I want.


Sundance and I are working on organizing his room.  With these labels, I’m trying to get him to put away his own clothes.  It’s a work in progress.


We’re also labeling all of Sundance’s collections so he can find what he is looking for.  That makes things easier for all of us.


And, today I put up these His and Her towel hooks for our bathroom.

It’s also been very useful cutting out shapes for my classroom.  I cut out a bunch of Christmas shapes for my little students to use to make Christmas cards.  And, Butch used it for a graphic organizer project he did for social studies.   I love it!

I’ll post more later about the bundle I bought on Amazon (it came with some handy tools) and the awesome tutorials on You Tube that have helped me a lot.

In the meantime, here is my plan:

label all the things

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The Path Ahead

Running is a head game. That’s one of the reasons I think it is so good for me. Why I love it so much.

Sometimes, I don’t think when I run. I just let my body do the work.  The sound of my music and my feet hitting the pavement is all I need some days.

Sometimes, I think.

I’ll start running and pick a point on the road up ahead. I’ll visualize something that I want to accomplish up on the path, impeding my way. For example, when Lance and I were trying to get out of debt, I would visualize the logo of a creditor. It would be a big glass block right in the middle of the path. I would look at it as I ran towards it. Then, when I reached it, I would crash through it, breaking it all to bits. Then, I would keep running, stomping on the pieces until they were gone. Then, I’d do it again. I’d choose the word, “depression,” and smash that all to bits. I’d choose, “anxiety,” or “sadness.” And I’d smash those too. You know what? Lance and I are out of debt and I am managing my depression and anxiety.


These days, I don’t do so much smashing. These days, I do more lifting. I visualize running with people in my life who may be struggling. And, I visualize whatever it is they are dealing with – a word or a symbol – and we run toward that together. Then, I give them a boost so they can jump over it. Or, if it’s something that I am struggling with or wanting to accomplish, I jump over it.

I do still do some smashing. I picture a huge, “AU,” in my path.  “AU,” stands for, “autism.” It’s big and it’s thick and it’s in my way. Often my baby boy, Sundance, is running with me.  AU is in our damn way. And we run and we smash that son of a bitch all to pieces. It doesn’t go down easy, but we run and we stomp and we destroy it.

So, needless to say,  I cry when I run. Or I smile and laugh or yell and curse.  And, when I get home I always feel better than I did before.   Always.

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I love New Year’s Day.  I love new beginnings.  Starting fresh.  I always make resolutions.  Sometimes, I keep them and sometimes I totally forget about them by January 5th.

In the past, I’ve heard of people choosing a word for the year.  A word that sums up what the year’s goals will look like.

I love words.  They are powerful.

I’ve had a wooden statue of the word, “Hope,” in my bathroom window for years.  Having a child with autism and strongly believing that autism is treatable, hope is a big word for me.

I call Lance my rock. Rock: strong, unbreakable, something to hold on to when the waves are crashing around you and threatening to pull you under.

I have chosen the word, “focus.”  The verb.


The Webster’s definition:



: to cause (something, such as attention) to be directed at something specific

: to direct your attention or effort at something specific

: to adjust (something, such as a lens or a camera) to make an image clear

I need to focus. To direct my attention and effort.  To make an image clear.  On Lance (bowchickawowwow), the boys (always), my job (what’s the next step for me?  Graduate school, maybe?).   I need to focus on getting this house purged and organized and maybe ready to sell (ack!).  I need to focus on my running (600 miles in 2014.  Oh, uh huh, that’s what I said).  And, I really need to focus on my writing.  I miss it.  And it’s time to stop thinking about it.  I need to focus – FOCUS – and get it done.

I’ve got a few friends who are joining me.  What about you?  Want to play? What’s your word and why?  Tell me!