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Fun With My Silhouette Cameo

on January 19, 2014

I am having so much fun with my die cut machine!  It is making my plan to organize my house and rule the world so much more fun!

I started with the kitchen.


First, I made this dog food container for the pantry.  It’s big enough to fit all the bowls inside.  I measure out the food the night before and keep it fresh inside.  Then, in the morning, all we have to do is put out the bowls.  Saves some time.

Then, I made a spice drawer from these cute little jars from IKEA.

Then, I put together a spice drawer from these adorable jars from IKEA.  I don’t cook much, but sometimes, I just open the drawer and gaze at the jars.


I made these labels for the pantry for  these jars, also from IKEA.


Then, I made these tags for some baskets I put in the pantry.  I laminated them so I can change what is in the baskets if I want.


Sundance and I are working on organizing his room.  With these labels, I’m trying to get him to put away his own clothes.  It’s a work in progress.


We’re also labeling all of Sundance’s collections so he can find what he is looking for.  That makes things easier for all of us.


And, today I put up these His and Her towel hooks for our bathroom.

It’s also been very useful cutting out shapes for my classroom.  I cut out a bunch of Christmas shapes for my little students to use to make Christmas cards.  And, Butch used it for a graphic organizer project he did for social studies.   I love it!

I’ll post more later about the bundle I bought on Amazon (it came with some handy tools) and the awesome tutorials on You Tube that have helped me a lot.

In the meantime, here is my plan:

label all the things

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