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Here is what we should do.

on December 7, 2014

Sometimes, life is hard. And there is pain.  Sometimes, we lose the ones we love. Or we see the ones we love suffer and we can’t make their suffering go away.  Or we just remember those things in our past that hurt, that broke our heart.

And that pain is real and we are entitled to it.

But, we can’t let it ruin us.  We can’t let it end us.

There is much to live for.  There is the sunrise.  A new day.  A chance to brush the dust off and live again.

There are people who need us.  Your mom.  Your best friend from the sixth grade.  Your work friend.

Here is what we should do: Get up in the morning. Just get up and make a cup of coffee. Move through the world, knowing that it will get better. We will be ok. It won’t be easy, it won’t be today or tomorrow, but eventually, we will be ok.

Everyday we will get stronger.  We will be able to look back and remember the good times. And know that those things that tried to destroy us – those things that we did not get to choose- they will make us stronger.

And we will get through it. We will.

One response to “Here is what we should do.

  1. Love you Melly! Keep breathing, and keep being so smart.

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