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About Melly

I’m Melly, a California native who now calls Texas home. I have been married to Lance, my best friend and all around dreamboat for 19 years. We have two boys, Butch (11), who is in the fifth grade and loving every minute of his cello playing, golf loving, video game mastering life and Sundance, (9) who is in the third grade, on the autism spectrum (kicking autism’s butt) and reminds us all on a daily basis not to sweat the small stuff.

I also have three dogs, Earnest the greyhound, Jack the husky/heeler mix and my newest, the only other girl in the house, my German Shepard, Scout.

Oh, and then there is Grandma, my mother, who just moved here from California. She lives about a mile away and takes care of Butch and Sundance after school. She also does a lot around this house, like tidying up and the laundry.  She’s my hero, to save me from my nemesis, the laundry.   She’s a pretty cool old lady. But don’t call her ‘old,’ or she will never forgive you.

Life is good. My Y’s (that’s what I sometimes call my husband and sons – because they have y chromosomes) rock my world. I love my house and my job and this wonderful city. I am managing my depression and anxiety. I am training for my first half marathon, getting my house organized, trying to figure out how to feed my family more “clean,” foods, balancing my career and still working on finding time to pursue my dream of being a children’s author. There is certainly no lack of inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by. Please comment! You can also email me at I’d love to hear from you!

One response to “About Melly

  1. HMCWriter says:

    Hi Melly,
    I have nominated you for the Inspirational Bloggers’ Award, because you are a wee bit inspirational 🙂

    If you have already been tagged in this, that’s fine- if not, come and visit me and you’ll see that I have put a link to your blog, on my post. You will also see what to do next.

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